Custom Plushie!

I had too much work to do this weekend to go anywhere and it was too late by the time I finished.
So..I finished the plushie I had been working on ^_^ Randomness ensues.

That's really a bad picture. I'll take a better one that includes his back wings, but for now, here's my Seth in Fly Jammies Plushie! ^_^
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Christopher Young

Most of us "Fly" fans know him as the composer who took up the reigns for the sagas score after Howard Shore...those are some mighty boots to fill. But the music from "The FLy Ii" serve its purpose quite well, I think. Well..his career has gone on to incluude movies like "The Grudge 2" and "Ghost Rider". The latter is what I'm writing about. A book store I frequent was having a composer signing and CY was there. I looked for my Fly II cd, but couldn't find it...ah well..I needed the Ghost Rider CD (if you haven't listened to it, try the track "The West Was Built On Legends"...the last 1:30...just wow). Anyway...I got to talk to him and he was a great, nice guy. He even told me his next project which he was recording for the last time after he left the signing..."Spider-Man 3". Wow! Just can't wait for that!
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    "The West Was Built On Legends"-Christopher Young
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